How to Always Show Dates in Google Search Results [Tutorial for 2021]

“4 days ago” says Google. Well then the article must be recent then.

This thinking might be going inside the head of your customer when they decide which link to click in Google results.

And be sure people do take that into consideration when making a decision what content to consume.

In this tutorial I will show you how can you or your programmer can make Google Search show publication date of your content.

This tutorial is aimed at blog articles only. If you are writing content other than that, there are available ways how to do that, but this tutorial does not cover that topic

1. Have proper HTML5 blog article structure:

What I mean by that is to have at least basic HTML tags used in your markup.

The basic tag structure is as follows:


That’s it. That’s a very basic structure your blog has to have. <article /> tag insinuates, that there is some important content inside and <h1> makes it a main container of the page.

2. Implement a publication date HTML tag

There are dozens of ways of how to insert publishing information about the article into the code. One of the very basic way is just using a html tag <time /> with a datetime property, for example:

    <time datetime="2021-04-02T15:49:16+00:00">04/02/21</time>

That’s it

Yeah, all you need is a proper HTML5 tags structure with <article />, <h1 /> and <time datetime /> tags and Google Search will take care of everything else.

Be sure that this is just a basic. You can tell Google much more information about your blog articles, for example: it’s author, main image, content tags and so on.

You can learn more about the structured markup on this site:



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