command not found: brew – solution

I guess you are trying to install one of the Homebew packages on your mac and encountered similar problem.

Don’t worry, this has got a really nice solution.

All it asks of you to install it with one command from the command line, let’s have a look.


  1. open up your Terminal
  2. head to Homebrew’s homepage
  3. copy the installation command /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL", paste it to your terminal and press Enter
  4. You are going to be asked for your password when installing, some pressing of Enter key on your keyboard, but in general, that’s it


  • in order to install Homebrew (MacOS Catalina), the operating system is going to ask you to install Xcode Command Line Tools as requirement, so you’re going to be needing around 8GB of free space on your hard drive 🙂



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