How to setup SSH key for Bitbucket [video tutorial]

  1. open up terminal and cd into your home directory
  2. then go for ssh-keygen and press enter
  3. then copy the string and rewrite it to end with bitbucket
  4. you dont have to enter any passphrase because that is the very reason you’re creating a ssh key – not to have a need for remembering a password
  5. done, now cd into .ssh folder and go for ls -la just to check it out – everything is alright now
  6. now create or edit a file called config – no extension needed – within the .ssh folder and paste there those two lines
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/bitbucket and save it
  7. now set up peoper chmod permissions by setting chmod on ssh folder to 700 and 600 on your config file and the private key called bitbucket
  8. now copy the public key into your bitbucket account by pressing cat
  9. now close your command line and open it again and …
  10. now let’s verify with ssh – and if you see something like “logged in as …” it works!

Until next time 👋

Yours in coding