It’s like like Google Docs for coding! Meet “GitHub Codespaces”!

Maan this should be something that every programming soul wished for! Cloud IDE is finally here and beware, it is here to stay and let’s use some buzzwords – it’s gonna disrupt how we were programming up until now!

github codespaces dark mode
github codespaces in dark mode

Visual Studio Code experience without leaving GitHub is the official vision for GitHub Codespaces.

We’re gonna be able to write code, build, test, debug and deploy with a complete development environment in our browsers.

It is going to support everything we’ve used so far, for example ssh keys, .dotfiles, linters – and the best of all is really the best of all – it is no longer going to be required to clutter your local computereverything will be in cloud!

(so I guess my Apple MacBook Air will finally be loosened of all the npm, npx kind of stuff 🤩 )

🌙 Dark mode…

…is going to be available from the very start!

Final thoughts

If you noticed I was overly excited 🤩 about this, you were right. It was certainly because not so long ago I was eager to find a cloud IDE – but nothing was available at the time 🧐.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you gonna try? If you do, I encourage you to sign up early access on this link below:

…just to make sure, you’ll be amongst the first ones to put your hands on this interesting tool.

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Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next article! 🤓

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